A Soul Safari Specialist
was born…

Hi, I’m Anje


The inspiration for women-only tours came about when I was planning a trip to Europe with my husband. Although we had a great time, I realised that men and women just travel differently. After our trip, I was increasingly reminded that not everyone has a great travel companion and when solo travel isn’t an option, travelling can be really challenging and unfulfilling.

Furthermore, Africa is quite an intimidating destination so most people opt to travel in a group. However, group travel can be tricky in its own right. Smooching couples and noisy teens are probably the last things you want to experience on your dream getaway. And let’s be honest, men are much more likely to take time out for themselves. So an annual golf- or fishing-getaway with the boys isn’t unusual, but what about you?

All this sparked the idea to design small-group tours specifically for female travellers so they can travel safely in Africa without the hassles. I know what women appreciate, would like to see and would love to experience. I also know the uncertainties associated with female travel and I want women to travel with confidence. In addition, on women-only tours, you can let your hair down and just have fun!

And so, a Soul Safari Specialist was born.

What’s Your Story?


My favourite part about a Soul Safari is meeting amazing, accomplished and inspiring women and hearing their life stories. Each one’s story is filled with a mixture of loss, pain, achievements and joy and each story is beautiful. The connections made on these trips are truly remarkable and lifelong friendships are cultivated.

I love that a Soul Safari not only makes travel dreams come true but gives hope to those who need inspiration and gives a boost of confidence to those who don’t feel worthy. You are worthy. Women are innately giving and put the needs of others first. But I truly believe that you cannot pour from an empty cup so there comes a time when you need to do something for you. Maybe your time is now.

But Why?


I have always had a deep love for both the ocean and the bush. As a result, I studied Ecology and did my MSc research on sea turtles on a remote paradise in South Africa. Throughout my life, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing Africa’s animals in their natural habitats. I remember one specific night like it was yesterday; I was lying on the beach next to a giant leatherback turtle while she was laying her eggs, listening to her breathe while watching the stars. This is just one of my favourite wildlife memories.

It brings me immense joy to share these types of experiences with the world. That is what stays with you forever…not the handbag you bought or the dress you got on sale! I want YOU to have amazing experiences that you’ll talk about for years to come.

Anje puts together a well thought out programme. She is passionate about delivering a phenomenal experience. Her research is thorough. Lastly she is exceptionally intuitive which results in a weekend getaway that really does speak to your soul!

Lucy Du Plessis, South Africa

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The only woman I envy, is the woman who has not yet been to Africa because she has so much to look forward to.

Adapted from Richard Mullins