Upcoming Tours

Garden Route Explorer

Are you drawn to the diverse cultures as well as the natural wonders of South Africa? Our Garden Route Explorer will give you a great taste of what South Africa is all about.

Wild Hearts Women’s Safari

Is Africa calling your wild, wanderlust heart? Have you always dreamed of experiencing an authentic African Safari?

Karoo Midlands Getaway

Do you just need a short escape to give your tired soul a boost? This getaway to the heart of the Karoo Midlands will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in sustainable living and conservation.

Karoo Wildlife Conservation Expedition

You have a tender love for animals and you’ve often dreamt of a wildlife adventure Africa. But you’re looking for something more than just a passive tour.

Private Group Tours

Do you want to design your own itinerary for your group of friends or corporate getaway? Or perhaps plan a book club escape or writers retreat? With just a minimum of 6 we will assist you in planning the perfect private group tour, host you and take care of all the logistics.

Our already organised tours are a great starting point from which to build you dream trip. We will work closely with you to ensure everything is to your specifications and that the trip runs smoothly.

Let’s arrange a virtual coffee date to discuss your needs.
I’d love to help make your travel dreams come true!

The Soul Safari Experience

Small Groups

Getaways are limited to a maximum of 8 ladies to keep it intimate and personalised. You’ll feel like you’re exploring with friends and develop cherished bonds.

Eco-Conscious Travel

We strive to support eco-friendly lodges and guesthouses and we don’t take part in any activities that condone the mistreatment of animals.


No kids, no couples…this is about YOU. Men are much better at taking a break than women (just think about all those golfing or fishing trips they go on!). A Soul Safari gives women the well-deserved opportunity to take time out for themselves.

Discover The True Essence Of Africa

Our immersive activities allow you to dive deeply into authentic experiences that will nourish your soul and create lasting memories.

Hassle And Stress-Free

We look after you from the moment you arrive at the airport. All you need to do is arrange your flights and pack your bags, we take care of the rest.

Make Lifelong Friends

You’ll be amazed how quickly a deep bond can form with fellow travellers on a Soul Safari – the epitome of kindred spirits!

No Hidden Costs

Our all-inclusive approach ensures that you don’t have to constantly haul out your wallet (unless you spot that perfect souvenir or simply have to eat that pastry).

Travel Like A Local

We believe that you truly deserve a backstage pass to South Africa! From hidden beaches to luxe safari retreats; we will show you what Google can’t.

Travel Solo

But with us you’ll never feel lonely. Even if you are a seasoned solo traveller, there comes a time when you’ll long for some company. Our trips offer plenty of free-time as well so you’ll still be able to explore on your own if you want to.

Join The Adventure Of

A Lifetime!


Replenish your soul… our women-only tours and safaris will make you fall in love with Africa. 

Anje, thank you for helping to give me the trip of a lifetime! I loved every second of this adventure! Best: Safaris! Worst: Leaving SA. I can’t wait to visit again and see you. Or maybe I’ll just move here!

Meg Holly, USA