Embrace the


you’re in

When things don’t go your way

I want to share something with you, a ”light bulb” moment I had this year so to speak. I had big plans for 2020. I was curating holidays for a number of families from the UK and making the final arrangements for hosting 3 Soul Safaris that were assuredly going to be epic. I had invested so much time and money into advertising and marketing and my business was meant to ”take off”. Instead, we got hit with a global pandemic and it seemed as though everything was falling apart.

Find the blessing

I felt so angry that my plans were ruined and I wallowed in self-pity…ugh, not a pretty picture. I had a decision to make – continue this wallow-nonsense OR make the most of the situation. I realised that I wasn’t in a season of business growth after all. Interestingly, the consequences of Covid-19 gifted me with incredible time of bonding with my two boys. My little-little was born in January and I am forever grateful that I was able to spend so much time with him as a tiny baby. My big-little just turned 4 and with his big imagination, you can imagine the adventures we’ve had over the last few months! I believe this time with them built a solid foundation of trust and they know that they are deeply loved and cherished. If the year had gone according to my plans, I may not have been able to balance everything. So in actual fact, this pandemic has been a blessing in disguise for us. There is still time to grow my business but I’ll never get this time back with my favourite little people.

Embrace the season you’re in

I want to encourage you to embrace the season you’re in. You don’t necessarily have to love it, just let it be. Some days it’s really hard and it can be difficult to accept. But it may turn into a time of growth, or it may be preparing you for what’s next. Perhaps there are new opportunities, new people or new paths to be discovered. It’s during the toughest times that we grow the most. So if you are going through a season of transition or grief, I hope that you are able to see glimmers of light during a seemingly dark period. Most of us are going through a season of uncertainty at the moment but it won’t last forever!

Just take one day at a time and focus on the things you can control. 

“Trust the wait. Embrace the uncertainty. Enjoy the beauty of becoming. When nothing is certain, anything is possible.” 

Mandy Hale