How to


your Mornings

Start the day off great

Does it take you a few hours to wake up properly before you can dive into your work and feel productive? Do you only feel like you’re starting to achieve something around mid-morning? Interestingly, I have found that on days when I lack drive and motivation, my morning routine was faulty. Those are the days I overslept, had to rush to get ready or spent too much time consuming mindless Facebook posts. There’s a reason people say ‘’How you start your day is how you’re going to live your day.’’ So here are a few ideas that truly helped me shift into the right gear in the mornings that ultimately results in great days.

1: Drink a glass of water

I know…you want coffee when you open your eyes in the morning but you want to start the day off on the best possible note don’t you? Go back to nature in its purest form and drink a glass of water. If you really can’t stomach a glass of water first thing in the morning try adding a slice of lemon, some cucumber or mint. You’ll feel refreshed and rehydrated. You can still have your coffee afterwards…

2: Make some time for yourself

‘’Easier said than done!’’…I hear you. How are you going to do this? Simple. You’ll need to get up earlier than everyone else. I know it sounds ridiculous but, if you start your day with your Bible study, gratitude list or even just quietly pondering life in the garden before the chaos of the day unfolds, you’ll be in such a better frame of mind. Do not use this time to catch up on messaging or scrolling Instagram! Use this time as an investment in yourself. If you do yoga or pilates, use this time. Something else that really helped me is listening to inspirational podcasts while enduring the morning traffic. Instead of arriving at work all frazzled and grumpy, the messages kept me calm and set the tone for my work day.

I used to save my ‘’me time’’ for evenings just before bed. But just think about it, by then you are so exhausted that you fall asleep reading your book or you just skip that facemask because your pillow is calling your name. Give yourself the first hour of the day, not the scraps at the end. Then you can go to bed earlier and you’ll probably sleep better (every hour of sleep before midnight is worth 2 hours after midnight). This is VITAL – you HAVE TO get yourself to bed earlier!


3: Have a good breakfast

You know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make it special and make what you enjoy eating. I take my breakfast to the office with me because there’s no time to enjoy it at home. I pack muesli with nuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, dried cranberries (that I mix/make myself because I haven’t found the right combination on a shelf) with a fresh banana or some blueberries/strawberries and yogurt. I have this, every day and I like the consistency. I don’t have to think about what to make for breakfast. It’s hard enough trying to think about creative dinners every day! So at least with breakfast, I am sorted. Some people like to have shakes or oats, but find what works for you and don’t skip this meal! Having a solid breakfast everyday provides your body and brain with fuel to function at its best.


These 3 tips can really help you supercharge your morning so that you’re more productive and energetic. By the time you sit down to complete your first task, you’ll be mentally and physically prepared. Good luck!

”Morning is an important time of day, because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have.”

Lemony Snicket